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Software Development FastTrack is a two-month intensive program that will boost your professional skills to a new level and provide you with personal career coaching along the way.

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Do you want to find a new job in software development? Do you want to quickly learn the tools and skills that companies require of candidates for software development positions? And attractively showcase your professional skills online?

If so, apply for Software Development FastTrack training. Software Development FastTrack is a two-month intensive program that will boost your professional skills to a new level and provide you with one-to-one career coaching along the way. The training acts as an accelerator towards a software development job or RekryKoulutus.


Learning in Software Development FastTrack is entirely work-based. No time is wasted on anything unnecessary, and the focus is solely on learning the software development skills needed in today's workplace. Each trainee is given a personalized study plan that considers the skills they have already acquired.

The topics covered in training will be a variety of application development topics. These will be chosen according to the skills and interests of the participant so that the studies are as supportive as possible for the integration into working life. Learning will take place in e-learning environments.

During the studies, the trainee will create an updated CV and a LinkedIn profile, as well as a profile on GitHub, where the trainee will create a project demonstrating competencies with public source code. This public project will serve as the participant's portfolio after the training.

Career guidance

In addition to the professional skills, an important part of the training is the provision of supportive and accompanying career guidance throughout the program. Career guidance includes personal career coaching and training, as well as the course on job search and career growth.

In individual coaching, the trainee is guided holistically to achieve professional development and employment. Individual coaching is solution-oriented and practical in nature. Career guidance sessions are confidential discussions between the trainee and the career coach, where the trainee has the opportunity to discuss career goals, job search, study choices, and other work-related issues.

The aim of the training

The aim of the training is to significantly improve the applicant's chances of finding a job in software development.

The Software Development FastTrack Training is an accelerator toward the Software Development Recruitment Training. During the training, participants will get to know our partner companies looking for new talent through RekryKoulutus.

As a Software Development FastTrack participant, you will be in a head-start position to secure your place in RekryKoulutus.

To apply

There is a two-stage application process. Please remember to fill in both forms.

1. Fill in the application form at - by clicking on the button "Apply for this training."

2. Fill in an application at the TE Office ("Hae tähän koulutukseen" button)

3. Successful applicants will be sent a separate invitation to interview and complete a CoreSeer competency profile.

Please note that for a successful admission for training, both application forms must be completed.

Additional information

The FastTrack intensive training in software development is a labor market training, which is carried out in the South Ostrobothnia region in cooperation with TE-services, ELY-centres, and CoreSeer Company. The program targets unemployed jobseekers or jobseekers at risk of unemployment.

Find out more about the application procedure and job vacancies:

CoreSeer Company,

Training Officer Senja Luoma,
puh +358 44 561 0995,

calendar_today Haku aika

15.7 - 15.9.2022

access_time Kesto

15.9 - 15.11.2022

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The path is designed for all levels of expertise. Invest in new skills or advance them for these primary directions:

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